We are thankful to our sponsors who are making the 2019 Women's March on Asheville possible.



SheVille.org (Sponsorship level: Movement Friend)

SheVille.org is a Women’s Online Community Magazine. Our primary areas of interest are women’s lives & health, local community, business & finance, the arts & writing, sustainability & the environment. SheVille’s featured articles focus attention on current progressive news about policies that impact women and families within the context of racial, gender, educational, and economic issues with special attention in the area of social justice. We believe that how it goes for women and families in a community determines how it goes for the community at large.

We value and have as our guiding principles the ideals of diversity, creativity, balance, collaboration, kindness & compassion and sustainability & environmental preservation that challenge greed, exploitation & domination.

By supporting local business we also create and maintain jobs that keep revenue right here at home – revenue that provides regional, social and economic stability throughout WNC.

Several donors have expressed the wish not to be recognized. We are grateful for their support!